Help With Corporate Response:

We are launching a coordinate effort on the Corporate response to floods in Pakistan. The objective is to have corporations do one or more of the following:

  • Make a donation towards flood relief efforts
  • Set up a separate employee donation matching limit for employee donations towards relief efforts
  • Send a Corporate Broadcast to all employees to raise awareness

If you work  at one of the S&P 500 companies specifically or any other company with 100+ employees and  can help in handling communication within your company,  please join the following Google group:



Subscribe to Corporate Response to Floods in Pakistan


Please sign up even if your company has already launched some initiative towards flood relief.  It is equally important to establish a permanent company representative base and learn from others experience.

You can also help by just providing information about Corporate Response of a specific company.  Please add information about matching details of your company on:

If for some reason you prefer not to join the group, you can use this  Corporate Response Guide to start the initiative at your company.

Here is a high level presentation on Corporate Response Initiative.

More on the Corporate Response Initiative:

We want to coordinate this effort across different companies by coming up with a common strategy and a common message to approach Corporate Giving.  The right approach can increase the odds of getting a positive response from Corporate Giving. In addition to working with Corporate Giving, the company representatives can help raise awareness about a natural disaster.

The advantages:

  • Potentially huge financial help towards relief efforts. As an example just two companies (Google and BMO financial group) have donated $350 k towards flood relief. Here is what the Corporations did for the 2005 Earthquake.
  • Right communication and lobbying can make a big difference in Corporation’s decision to do something towards relief efforts.
  • Raising awareness within the company. People tend to donate if the Corporation endorses a cause by sending a Corporate Broadcast or if a fellow employee informs them about a disaster.
  • Establishing relationship with Corporate Giving, a processes and a network for any future events.

Help Spread the Word:

Join the facebook page about floods in Pakistan and spread the word.