Following is an update from Owais Shaikh on Facebook. To help please contact Owais Shaikh at 0333-2141881.


owaisshaikhWe  along with a few friends (i.e. Raees, Kamran, Saad, Shahrukh, Uzair, Zahid, Imran) heading into different parts of Sindh, all the way from Ghotki to Thatta along with other areas that are expected to be flooded in the near future. At this point we are collecting food items and trying to arrange shelter in the form of water proof tents for the Flood Victims.

In order to keep this more organized we recommend if packages can be made with 5kg Rice (Chawal Chota Dana), 5kg flour (Atta), 1kg Basin, 800 gms Salt, 500 gms Dates (Khajoor), 1kg Sugar, 400 gms Dried Milk (no liquid milk as it has the risk of going bad due to the heat), Juice, 2.5 kg Cooking oil (Ghee), 1 kg Channa, 1 kg Lentils (Daal).

Please do not buy the expensive items on the shelves and instead look toward purchasing more quantity, as at this time it is more important to help more people survive this devastating time. All the items should cost you not more than PKR 1,250 and can be best purchased at Makro or Joria Bazaar. These packages will be sufficient to feed a family for upto 10 days. At the same time please feel free to drop off anything that you feel that can be useful to the victims.

Further we are also trying to get deals on tents and would request if anyone has access to cheap tents to guide us. Currently we have found tents for PKR 6,000. Tents are very important donations aswell. People wanting to donate from abroad can get in touch with us over facebook, email or by calling us to best figure out how they can help.

For collection of all these items we have set up at House No. 3, 3rd Zamzama Street, D. H. A., Karachi, or we can be reached at 0321-2437383 (Zahab) or at 0333-2141881 (Owais).

The plan so far is to head out on Friday with a truck load and so would request if anyone wishing to help out can join us on Thursday after 4 PM for organizing the items properly.