In conjunction with Sungi Development Foundation in Pakistan, Sungi USA is collecting medical items to be sent to Pakistan for distribution to Flood Affectees.  If you or anyone you know has access to these items and is able to donate them, please let me know and we can arrange a pick up from anywhere in the Bay Area. Given the extensive damage caused by the floods, these items are more valuable than money right now because they are scarcely available.

These are the urgently needed items as per a recent assessment conducted by Sungi in Balochistan, Pakistan:

1. Shelters

2. Water & Jerry cans

3. Medical Aid

4. Hygiene Kit

5. Vaccination of Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Cholera and Meningitis etc

6. Syrups and tablets for Malaria prevention

7. Water purification’s tablets/sachets

We will plan to send a shipment out before Ramadan ends, so it would be a rewarding opportunity to donate now.  Contact: Nadia Saifuddin by email: or phone 408-393-1114.