Last night terrorists rocked Abbas Town which is a densely populated, predominantly Shia neighborhood of Karachi, killing scores of women and children. Thus far over 100 people have been reported dead, countless injured, over 800 people displaced from their burning homes.

SA Relief is observing the situation as we attempt to communicate rescue and relief activities from ground zero.
Temporarily Information is being sharing via our Twitter and Facebook pages:

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If you have anything to report please kindly tweet us at @sarelief or email

Presently there is an urgent need for blood. Citizen’s who are eligible to donate blood are invited to visit Jinnah Hospital or Agha Khan immediately.

A temporary shelter for people displaced from their homes has been setup. There is an urgent need for cooked food, water, and milk.

More information about the blast and immediate needs can be found on our associate, Faisal Kapadia’s blog

Compiled by AR Rafiq | Last Update: 6:03AM 04-03-13

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